Word Used for Prompt: Superior

I bet you feel like you
Are superior to me.
You spread lies and
Cause harm to everyone
You come into contact with.
I may have refrained from our battle
But you are the one who truly lost.

Code Breaker

Word used for Prompt: interface

I’m not upset that
You damaged me during our
time spent together
You were not versed with my type
Of progran interface use.

You were bound to break
The coding holding it all
In place; soon to burst
And shatter all progress made
In attempts to love myself


Two Sides

Word Used for Prompt: Weapon

Dont aim your hateful words
Filled with venom and chaos
At me like I’m the one who
Set in motion your self spiraling
Destructional behaviors.
Check yourself first
Because you’re not the only one
Armed with a weapon
So dangerous it could
Tremble the earth you walk on.

A Single Moment With You

Word Used for Prompt: Cell

Every inch of my body
From my skin to my soul
I know every cell in my body
Reverberates with excitement
Just by you saying my name
And the smile crosses your face
Just staring in ignoranceful bliss
At my unknowingness of your
Undying and unconditional love
For me.

Damaging Thoughts

Word Used for Prompt: Restrict

Rationalize your impulsive thoughts
enough to realize your mistakes.
Stabilize your fears of hurting others
tighten your grip to your own reality
Reconstruct your thought patterns
into those that others might disapprove of.
Countless hours of pain and suffering
taking its toll for a goal you couldn’t surpass.
– Restricting yourself is never worth it.. Is it?

The Journey

Word used for prompt: Series

In this series
of learning how to love myself
I have to forfeit my past habits
and force myself into new ones.
I may drag my feet
and groan a thousand curses
along this journey.
However once the tides have turned
and I looked at myself in the mirror
to see all the progress I have made
I won’t mind the strife it once caused me.
I may huff now,
but I’ll smile a thousand times more
in the future I set for myself.