Mundane Tasks

I stare at the sink
filled with a dreadful task
I find myself having a hard time
ever completing.

I honestly don’t know
what scares me more at this point.
Damaging the dishes
or disappointing you
for not even being capable
of finishing this simple task
I offered to do in the first place.


This song
Made me believe
That selfless love existed
Between two people
Who are meant to be
Two friends who
Keep the magic alive
By truly enjoying one anothers
Presence and company.
Fighting through the
Rain soaked days that feel
More like a hurricane
Until you realize how miniscule
The fight meant in the scheme of things
And snuggle up together tightly
To hear the thumping of the each other’s
Hearts to lower them into the comfort
That is our vulnerability towards
One another.

Word Used for Prompt: vulnerability


Mellow yellows
How dare you attempt
To bicker and fight
Over who has grown the tallest
When all that matters
Is the size of your heart
And how well it grabs onto
Hope and wonder of your
Everlasting and purposeful dreams.

Word Used for Prompt: Size


The stars would fall to your feet
If you asked them in the right way.
You don’t realize how powerful you are,
But over time you we learn
And become wonderful at your craft.
Learn at your own pace,
Flourish in the passions you love,
And the rest will come easy
You just have to believe in yourself
And you’ll ride amongst the stars
With ease

Word Used for Prompt: Passions


Everytime i feel
Like i am close to
Being free from
The grasp of financial
Distress i am quickly
Pulled back under
The waters just enough
To feel like im drowning
But free enough to
Occasionally swim up
To catch my breath
Before being forced back
Under the crippling
And overwhelming tides.

Word Used for Prompt: Under


Word Used for Prompt: Superior

I bet you feel like you
Are superior to me.
You spread lies and
Cause harm to everyone
You come into contact with.
I may have refrained from our battle
But you are the one who truly lost.

Code Breaker

Word used for Prompt: interface

I’m not upset that
You damaged me during our
time spent together
You were not versed with my type
Of progran interface use.

You were bound to break
The coding holding it all
In place; soon to burst
And shatter all progress made
In attempts to love myself